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Growth Hacking Studio
focusing solely on growth, based on a data-driven, experiment-based process.

Growth Hacking

What is Growth hacking ?


Growth hacking is the term used to describe collection of smart experiments and processes aimed at building and scaling a company’s customer base and revenue through creative, innovative, and low-cost strategies.

Growth Hacker

What makes someone a growth hacker?

Growth hackers trace their roots back to programming engineers. But they are much more than that. They are creative marketers, product managers, and data analysts as well. They are focused on a singular goal: finding the most effective and efficient way to grow a business. This often involves rapid experimentation across marketing channels, constant attention to product (re)development and an unending focus on building and engaging a company’s user base.

Most importantly, every decision a growth hacker makes is based on data. A growth hacker knows how and what to measure. They use analytics, landing pages, and A/B testing to understand their target customers’ habits and behavior. While they don’t make assumptions, they are instead obsessed with data, until they find the most effective solutions with the most potential for growth.


A team of dreamers, inventors & engineers who think different. We design, build & grow businesses.

At CuriousLabs, we have an inherent desire to become our best selves. We build, we learn, we help each other, we share knowledge and actively participate in all things curious. This sharing and caring creates an environment where we and the organization grows and thrives.

Experience Design

We Think Different, We See Different.

Product Strategy



Product Design

Conceptual Testing

Brand Identity

Brand & Communication

UI / UX Design

Marketing Materials


User Experience

Mobile Apps

Web & Ecommerce

Interactive Prototypes

Responsive Design

Experiments, R&D


Research & Development

Interaction Design & Experience

'Immersive' Beer Tasting

Digital Marketing

We Think Different, We Market Different.

Search Engine Optimization

Business Evaluation & Site Analysis

Keyword Research & Strategy

Technical SEO

Link Building

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Email & SMS Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Lead Magnets

Tracking & Analytics


Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Development

Content Distribution

Reporting & Optimization

Creative Services

We Think Different, We Do Different.

Live Action

TVC / Corporate Films


Product Video

Music Video


Product Photography

Food Photography

Fashion Photography


Post Production

Video Editing

Explanatory Videos

Motion Logo

2D / 3D Animation


Graphic Design


Print Ads

Logo Design



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